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Dominion Voting Systems have released a statement about the internet voting slowdown which affected multiple municipalities on Election night..


Voting Options

The City of Peterborough is committed to removing obstacles that may prevent voters from exercising their right to vote. To make it easier, we will offer a wide range of voting options for the 2018 Municipal and School Board Election including:

  • Internet Voting – Vote from any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. Electors on the list can simply register to receive a PIN, and vote. 
  • Vote Anywhere – Want to cast a paper ballot? With Vote Anywhere, you can choose the Voting Location that is most convenient for you and vote there. 
  • Audio Ballot - An Audio Ballot allows people to vote independently using an Audio Tactile Interface (ATI), sip and puff technology, or foot pedals. This equipment will be available at the City Hall Accessible Voting Location and at a designated site on Election Day.

In addition to the above voting options, we are implementing a number of measures to address barriers for persons with disabilities who wish to vote at a Voting Location. The list below includes the measures that we have identified to date. We will be adding to this list as we become aware of other potential barriers to accessibility.

Accessibility Measures:

  • Prior to selecting Voting Locations, the City will conduct an Accessibility Audit of each possible location to identify and address potential barriers.
  • Voting Locations will be fully accessible to those who use wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.
  • Doors to Voting Locations will have either power assist openers or elections staff will be available to provide assistance with doors.
  • Magnifying sheets will be available to voters at every Voting Location.
  • We will ensure that voting stations are provided with extra lighting as necessary to address low lighting conditions.
  • Tables will be available in Voting Locations that are wheelchair accessible.
  • Instructions on how to cast a ballot will be available to voters in a written format.
  • You can receive assistance in the voting place from a friend or family member, or from City Elections staff who are fully trained on how to provide accessible customer service.
  • You can bring an interpreter to assist you at the voting place.
  • If you require busing assistance, we recommend that you book the Handi-Van well in advance of the day you intend to vote.

We Want to Hear from You!

Your feedback is important to us! You can provide feedback regarding your election accessibility concerns by emailing